Saturday, February 22, 2014

The importance of Ethics on the Formation of a Profession

Abstract: Professionals are not merely persons who make a living by exercising a particular skill or talent. In a deeper sense, they are persons whose specialized knowledge and commitments to service enable them to offer society sound judgment in conditions of uncertainty. Many of the benefits of modern life are rooted in the contributions of professionals in the areas of medicine, law, engineering, architecture and other traditional professions. At the same time the richness and complexity of modern life require that other occupations become professional. This is especially true in areas related to the management of organizations and financial assets, where new professionals are emerging. However, the freedom that professionals require in order to be able to exercise their judgment well and effectively depends upon establishing a high level of trust. In turn, trust cannot be established without a manifest commitment to ethics on the part of the professional. We will explore these connections and the demands of ethics upon finance professionals The Importance of Ethics on the Formation of a Profession