Saturday, November 10, 2012

OBSI Name and Shame The Octagon Capital case

This was the second case in OBSI's history that it named and shamed a firm.It also published the full recommendation Report keeping the victim's identity confidential. The Report provides an excellent insight into OBSI's approach to investigations and the type of issues that investors are exposed to. There are lessons to be learned for those who take the time to read it.

When it first appeared Ms. Debra McFadden , someone who also had been exposed to complaining to firms remarked:

"I am glad that OBSI has had a taste of what clients have to deal with when trying to resolve things with a firm. The defer, delay dispute crap has to stop! Many clients never even go as far as to complain to OBSI so you can imagine how many just give up when up against these arrogant firms. I know myself I bent over backwards wanting to give the firm every opportunity to do the right thing but they would just play me along. It isn't until they realize you won't back down and that it is all going to come out in a courtroom and to the public that they cave. It is a very unfair game of who blinks first in a child like game of staring them down. Since they have high powered guns on their side the imbalance of power is extreme. Since I believe many that are taken advantage of are likely seniors most are unable to engage in this formidable battle. I bet for every 1 complaint that goes to OBSI there are at least 1,000 more just like it that should be complaining. So for 21 complaints to at one time be stuck at an impasse with OBSI is deplorable. Instead of OBSI going to extreme measures to get them to comply the gov't should step in and crack the whip hard to bring this whole industry inline! Read the OBSI Report

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