Sunday, September 13, 2015

The ABZ's of Personal Wealth by Ted Graham

We are delighted to host an eBook by Mr. Ted Graham . The book contains practical, no-nonsense ideas for building wealth without a shred of Bay Street hype. In his own words :
" . I am (very much) a senior--- having owned securities for 76 years, and common stocks for 69 years. I also head up several entities which hold investments, mostly for family members. Our cause has been to assist the people new to the financial world -----to understand the methodology of managing money and of investing. Especially, we hope to help young people who wish to be educated in the perplexing world of personal finances. No one can avoid the necessity of personal finances. Everyone is impacted by banks, mutual funds companies and stock brokerages. The individual has a simple choice, learn about personal finance so that—as a small investor, one can do well in the world of money, or ignore the whole subject, in the fond hope that some else (a spouse, a banker or a broker)- will  “look after my (i.e. your) money”.

This book, ‘The ABZ’s of Personal Wealth’, is an attempt to help you to maximize your own prosperity. In producing the book, I had great assistance from my children and from our tax strategist. We hope you benefit from the book. "
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