Saturday, March 17, 2018

Complaint guide for dealing with Senior Investor complaints

Read about suggested process for dealing with Senior and other vulnerable complainants . Seniors and other vulnerable investors need a different approach. Not all investor losses are due to advisor malfeasance.We are also seeing many errors due to negligence, inattention, lack of proficiency and infrequent communications. Errors include bad tax advice, failure to make timely  RESP  contributions ( for grandchildren) , excessive RRIF withdrawals, HELOC borrowing to invest while client carries large credit card balance , outdated designated beneficiary, dividend stocks in RRIF instead of margin account , seriously outdated KYC  ,unfit-for-use client risk profiling process , poor proficiency re de-accumulating accounts  ,one or no face-to-face  meetings per year etc.. Too often the dealer  "he says-she says"  argument goes unchallenged nearly always to the senior's  detriment .Click .Handling Senior Investor Complaints

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